What’s komodea?

komodea — the sourcing platform for verified sustainable products. We remove the complexity of the sourcing process and make sustainable sourcing fast and convenient. A place where you can find, compare and order certified sustainable products for hotels, gastronomy and events in a fast and easy way.
what is komodea
what's komodea

For Suppliers

As a manufacturer, you can place your products directly in front of your target audience and highlight their sustainability. All your orders are swiftly manageable in our dashboard. This way, you can find all relevant information, from communication to project management, in one place, giving you more time to focus on what’s important in your business.

For Buyers

Buyers for hotels, gastronomy, events, festivals and for vacation rentals will find a verified directory of sustainable products here. From search to communication to order management, we enable you to manage everything in one place to make purchasing simple for you.

What does ESG mean and why does it matter to you?

ESG is a framework for evaluating how well a company is positioned for the challenges of the future from a holistic perspective. E stands for Environment, S for Social and G for Governance. Governance. This means that not only one aspect is assessed, but a combination of different criteria.
At komodea, we go one step further and allow buyers to have their purchasing decisions influenced by these criteria. This enables buyers to respond to a growing demand for sustainable products while reducing CO₂ emissions along their supply chain (scope 3 emissions).
Our ESG criteria and what they mean


Renewable Materials​

More than 75% of the product’s raw material comes from renewable sources

Zero Waste

The product is either biodegradable or at least 80% are reused for new products


The product uses less resources compared to similar products from other suppliers

CO2 Neutral Production

The CO2 emissions generated during production are measured & compensated for.


The product contains more than 50% upgraded materials from existing products

Renewable Energy

The manufacturer uses exclusively renewable energies to run his business

CO2 Neutral Shipping

More than 50% of the journey is CO2 neutral, including sourcing


Giving Back

The company donates at least 1% of its profits to a social cause

Social Business

The company grants its employees more benefits than legally required

Made in EU

The essential manufacturing or assembling takes place in the European Union

Female Business

The company is managed by at least one women



The product or company has received officially regulated certifications

Komodea (other criterea)


More than 50% of the product is made by traditional craftsmanship

Join us today and be part of the sustainable future we are building!

You can complete a questionnaire to receive our certification process and ensure your products have the right tags.

Joining the komodea platform offers:

easy product sourcing

comparison tools

trustworthy evaluations of products

significant time savings