The Team behind komodea

At komodea, we’re passionate about driving change through sustainable sourcing practices. We believe transforming the way we produce, trade and consume is the key to a future proof society.

Therefore, we’re focused on enabling purchasers to evaluate products by their environmental footprint, source more consciously and reduce waste and emissions throughout the entire supply chain. We’re also committed to empowering workers and their communities to fight exploitation.

FounderJulian Dietrich

Julian has been advising companies on strategy & design for 10 years. By building his company in the field of sustainable consumer goods, he has gained extensive experience in international sourcing and trading.

FounderJulian Peters

Julian has more than 10 years of experience in international wholesale and foreign trade.
In addition, he has built digital products for well-known companies such as Henkel, Deutsche Bahn and Signa in recent years.

DesignAdria Costa

Adria is an expert in functional and appealing design and is responsible for the design of the platform at komodea. Her experience comes from projects for Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn and Hyatt Hotels, among others.

EntwicklungRazvan Frandes

Razvan is a highly skilled programmer and has led the building of the komodea platform. With more than 7 years of experience, he is komodea’s expert in fast and secure web applications.

Milestones reached

Onboarding begins
As an important milestone, after months of work, the onboarding of the first manufacturers begins today.
Beta Release
With the completion of the MVP, the active testing phase of our platform begins in order to fix bugs and improve the user experience.
TUTAKA founders gained as support
We are very pleased to have won the two founders of TUTAKA as angels. With their expertise, they are a great enrichment for our team, especially at the beginning.
After many months of preparation, we incorporated komodea GmbH in January 2023.
Juli 2023
Mai 2023
April 2023
Januar, 2023