What does sustainability
mean for us?

Sustainability means more to us than CO₂ compensation and green labels.

Based on the komodea ESG Framework, every product and every manufacturer goes through an extensive auditing process in which we not only check the environmental footprint, but also the social footprint – along the entire product lifecycle.

This way, we can ensure that the manufacturer’s claims regarding sustainability and ethical business practices are 100% accurate and that you can rely on them. 

Together, we’re fighting greenwashing.

What tags do we use and what do they mean?

Anyone who successfully completes the komodea ESG check will receive the tags that apply to their company and product.

This allows searchers to see at a glance in which areas the products on komodea score particularly highly and filter accordingly.

Our tags and their meaning

Stands for environment

CO2 Reduced Transportation

The manufacturing process is strategically set up to reduce emissions, e.g. all manufacturing steps take place in the same location or proximity to avoid unnecessary transportation in between.

Producing Green Energy

Our company produces its own renewable energy and therefore actively contributes to the energy transition. For example: own energy production through photovoltaics.

Ecological Materials

At least 70% of the product's raw material comes from environmentally friendly sources.


The manufacturing of this product uses less resources than comparable products, based on an industry benchmark.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Our company measured and documented its operational gas emissions and actively works on reducing them.


At the end of its lifecycle, the majority of this product's materials can be recycled, composted or reused.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our company actively works on reducing and avoiding greenhouse gasses, not only compensates for them.

Product Carbon Footprint

The manufacturer measured and documented this product's total greenhouse gas emission throughout its entire lifecycle. This helps buyers understand the impact of their purchase decision.


This product has a reduced environmental impact during the usage phase. E.g.: the product can be washed at low temperatures, the product has a reduced energy consumption, compared to the industry standard.

Recycled Materials

More than 50% of this product’s raw materials are recycled materials.

Toxin Free

This product offers a toxic or acid free alternative, which is better for humans, animals, and materials that get in touch.

Sustainable Packaging

The product comes in an eco-friendly packaging. This could mean recycled paper or cardboard, plastic free packaging, recycled plastic, reusable packaging or similar.

Stands for Social

Giving Back

Our company donates at least 1% of its revenues to a charitable cause.

Equality Champion

We actively enforce equality, anti-racism, anti discrimination and inclusion at the workplace and along the entire supply chain and constantly improve accessibility online and offline for employees and customers.

Social Business

Our company's profits are reinvested, used to found other social businesses or to support charitable organisations. Employees receive wages that are market standard.

Female Business

At least 51% of our company is owned by one or more women, or one or more top executive officers are female.

Fair and Equal Pay

We can guarantee that all the workforce is paid fair and equal. This includes all workers, foreign and domestic, and of all genders.

Cruelty Free

Neither the final product nor its ingredients have been tested on animals.

Made in EU

The essential manufacturing or assembling steps of this product take place in the European Union.


More than 50% of this product is made by traditional craftsmanship.

Stands for Governance

Ethical Business

Our company is committed to preventing bribery and promoting ethical business practices. A code of conduct is signed by suppliers and subcontractors.

ESG Reporting

A report over our company's sustainable efforts is available. E.g.: GRI, DMK, Gemeinwohl, CSRD

Healthy Alternative

Conventional comparable products usually use harmful ingredients to achieve the desired result. This product offers a healthy alternative.

How does the
komodea ESG Check work?

The komodea ESG Check is composed of three steps. Each step is designed to achieve the highest possible reliability of the information provided.

Step 1:
Manufacturers or wholesalers fill out a questionnaire that asks for general information.
Step 1:
Step 2:
We look at the product in detail, that is:
- What resources are being used, and how are they being used?
- How and under what conditions is the product manufactured?
- How can the claims made about sustainability and social impact be verified?
Step 2:
Step 3:
If the manufacturer and the product meet the requirements, we assign the appropriate tags and list the product on komodea.com.
Step 3:

Apply now to receive the komodea ESG tags for your product and company.

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